September GD Newsletter


Roadmap for Reform of the Insurance Industry

Unfair Contract Term Legislation to Hit Insurance Contracts – 18 Months to Get Ready

Changes to Mortgage Brokers Commission – Will This Set The Scene For the Insurance Industry

Class Actions – Multiple Claims & Multiple Retentions – Appeal Successful

Damages for Personal Injury – Appellate Review of Non-economic Loss – What is the Standard?

Leave to Join Insurer Successful Where Insurer’s Reliance on an Exclusion Clause Not Made Out

Take 2 – Leave to Join Insurer Refused Where Insurer Reserved its Rights Subject to Court Findings

Construction Roundup

  • Appeals from NCAT Decisions

Employment Roundup

  • Important Personal Leave Decision
  • No anti-bulling order where employer’s conduct was reasonable management action

Workers Compensation Roundup

  • Work Injury Damages – Costs, Cross Claims & Interest
  • Work Injury Damages – “Materially Different” Pre-Filing Statements – Start Again

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