September GD News 2015

Consolidation of the Management of Statutory Insurances in NSW
Fair Work v Common Law – Is There an Issue Estoppel
School avoids liability for teacher’s injury – for now
Negligence and contributory negligence – slip and fall claims

Employment Roundup
Failure to make reasonable adjustments amounts to discrimination
Leave loading payable on termination of employment?

Workers Compensation Roundup
NSW Workers Compensation Reform
One claim only for permanent impairment
When is a claim a “claim”? – can an unresolved claim for lump sum compensation be amended without being caught by Section 66(1A)?
Farewell parties – arising out of or in the course of employment, or not?

CTP Roundup
Applications to commence late proceedings in a motor vehicle
Section 62: A Reminder – A different opinion on causation may not be “additional relevant information”
Consecutive Accidents & the Domestic Assistance Threshold

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