Certifiers & Occupancy Certificates. No duty of care owed to purchasers to prevent pure economic loss arising from defects in the property
Labour Hire Licensing Coming Your Way
Council Activities – No Duty To Provide – No Financial Resources Defence

Construction Roundup

More Pressure On Owners Corporations To Act Quickly To Rectify Defects

Employment Roundup

Industrial Manslaughter in Queensland – 20 Years Imprisonment
Franchisors Liable for Treatment of Employees by Franchisees
Can Management Action Be Bullying?
Sentencing Considerations For Work Health and Safety Breaches

Workers Compensation Roundup

How To Apportion Primary and Secondary Psychological Injury In An Impairment Claim
Consequential Injuries in Workers Compensation Claims
Asthma Fatality Not Work Related and No Compensation Payable

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