October GD Newsletter

Insurance and General

  • UK Test Case on Business Interruption Policy Coverage for COVID-19: What’s Next For Australia
  • Historical Child Abuse Claims Must be Properly Pleaded and Particularised
  • A Win for Sneaker Lovers: Court considers lease termination during COVID-19

Construction Roundup

  • Causation in loss arising from misleading and deceptive conduct
  • All for One and One for the War Against Illegal Phoenixing
  • One Reason Why a Written Contract is So Important

Employment Roundup

  • Employer Unfairly Dismissed an Employee by Failing to Consider JobKeeper

Workers Compensation Roundup

  • Cruceanu v Vix Technology (Aust) Limited: Court of Appeal Dismisses Injured Worker’s Appeal
  • A Work Trip Injury Found Not To Be “In The Course Of Employment”

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