October GD Newsletter


When will an Individual have the Right to Sue a Business for Mishandling Personal Information

Shake up for Add-On Insurance in Australia

No Duty of Care When Involved in Joint Illegal Enterprises

Statutory Benefits and the Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017 NSW

The Operation of an Insolvency Exclusion in a D & O Policy

When Can a Life Insurer Pay a Death Benefit into Court?

TPD Claim – Member’s Appeal Dismissed – Insurer not in Breach of Duty to Act Reasonably & Fairly

Construction Roundup

  • Importance of Precision When Preparing Construction Contracts
  • Payment Claims Must Sufficiently Identify The Work Claimed To Have Been Performed

Employment Roundup

  • Digital Scanning – Privacy Act Implications

Workers Compensation Roundup

  • PIAWE Reforms
  • “Reasonably Necessary” under Section 60

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