October GD News 2014

Exclusion clauses in Insurance Policies and Section 54 of the Insurance Contracts Act
Who bears the onus of proof in an Insurance Claim?
Insurance policies – Recklessness exclusions & conditions to take reasonable precautions
Property owners & and managing Agents – Shifting risk
Liability for dog attacks
Owner/Builder & Home renovators beware – Liability for defective work
Court disallows claim for economic loss resulting from an unplanned pregnancy

Employment Roundup
Sexual harassment – Damages awards likely to increase
Crystal clear message for paying less than minimum wage
Slamming sham contracting

Workers Compensation Roundup
151Z Claims and multiple accidents – A lesson learned
Workers Compensation Amendment (Existing claims) Regulation 2014

CTP Roundup
Assessing non economic loss in motor accident claims –
Age shall not weary them

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