October GD News 2013

Defining the Nature of the Risk and the Activity Takes Precedence over Causation
School Liable For Harm Caused By Bullying
Workplace Bullying – The Damages Mount
Can an Insurer Take an Assignment of Rights from an Insured?
Liability of a Dog Owner for Personal Injury
Wet Floors- Warning Signs Not Enough
Damages Awards Back To Basics
Reinstatement Available to Dismissed Injured Workers

CTP Roundup
Due Search and Inquiry – 151Z Recoveries
When Does The Conduct Of A Party Amount To An Admission Of Liability?
Cross Examination’ in CARS Assessments – Achieving Procedural Fairness
Sharing Disputes between CTP Insurers – Litigation and Sharing Do Not Mix

Workers Compensation Roundup
Work Capacity Decisions -WIRO in Action

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