November GD Newsletter

Insurance and General

  • Who Let the Dogs Out? Strata by-laws and Animals
  • Opal Tower: Federal Court finds builder entitled to indemnity under two insurance policies
  • NSW Supreme Court Sheds More Light on Child Sexual Abuse Claims
  • Tenancy Relief Scheme Extended – Important Updates for Landlord and Tenants
  • Could Temporary Changes Allowing Virtual AGM’s and Electronic Execution Stick?
  • Administrators Trading on in Premises and Lessors Rights in the Event of Liquidation

Construction Roundup

  • The ongoing Maple Village saga – invalid suspension of work and the calculation of damages
  • Errors in adjudication process a salient reminder to comply with the Act

Employment Roundup

  • Extension to JobKeeper
  • Corporation liable to pay Superannuation Guarantee to Independent Contractor

Workers Compensation Roundup

  • JobKeeper and Weekly Compensation Payments
  • COVID-19 Update: WCC Moves closer to Pre-Pandemic Procedures for Medical Dispute
  • A worker or not a worker? That was the issue
  • Analysis of Medical Evidence: Court of Appeal Dismisses Injured Workers Claim

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