November GD Newsletter

Insurance and General

Who Let the Dogs Out? Strata by-laws and Animals

Opal Tower: Federal Court finds builder entitled to indemnity under two insurance policies

NSW Supreme Court Sheds More Light on Child Sexual Abuse Claims

Tenancy Relief Scheme Extended – Important Updates for Landlord and Tenants

Could Temporary Changes Allowing Virtual AGM’s and Electronic Execution Stick?

Administrators Trading on in Premises and Lessors Rights in the Event of Liquidation

Construction Roundup

  • The ongoing Maple Village saga – invalid suspension of work and the calculation of damages
  • Errors in adjudication process a salient reminder to comply with the Act

Employment Roundup

  • Extension to JobKeeper
  • Corporation liable to pay Superannuation Guarantee to Independent Contractor

Workers Compensation Roundup

  • JobKeeper and Weekly Compensation Payments
  • COVID-19 Update: WCC Moves closer to Pre-Pandemic Procedures for Medical Dispute
  • A worker or not a worker? That was the issue
  • Analysis of Medical Evidence: Court of Appeal Dismisses Injured Workers Claim

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