November GD News 2014

Employer liability in multi defendant claims
High Court clarifies the duty of care owed by builders to subsequent property owners
Nonfeasance immunity and criminal acts of third parties
Costs in a multi-party personal injury claim?

Employment Roundup
No implied term of mutual trust & confidence in employment contracts in Australia
Implications of mental health issues when disciplining or terminating workers
Slamming sham contracting

Workers Compensation Roundup
“Current Work Capacity” in the new world of weekly compensation
Is prior approval of medical expenses really necessary?
Could kidnapping and death rise out of the course of employment?
Collisions on and not off the beaten track…
Top Up / Deterioration Claims – Caulfield is good law

CTP Roundup
Due enquiry and search – The decisions continue
Collisions on and not off the beaten track…

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