November GD News 2013

Duty of Care Owed To Owners Corporations
Construction Site Accidents – The Duty of Care Owed to Experienced Tradesmen
Obvious Risks & Dangerous Recreational Activities
Cycling Not a Dangerous Recreational Activity
Employer Liability in Multi Party Claims
Are You Ready For Workplace Bullying Reform?
Hurdles for Work Health and Safety Prosecutions in NSW

CTP Roundup
The Ramifications of Smalley v The MAA
Traps for Young Players – Procedural Requirements of the Motor Accidents Compensation Act
Conclusiveness of MAS Certificates in CARS Assessments

Workers Compensation Roundup
Workers Compensation Journey Claims – Simply Travelling To and From Work Is Not Enough
Honorary Club Positions – Do They Satisfy The Criteria For Employment?

Complying Agreements Revisited

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