May GD Newsletter


Tougher penalties for privacy breaches?

Insuring work health and safety fines & possible consequences for directors

Dual Insurance – The Great Escape

No liability for the obvious

Property Damage v Defective Work – Insuring Clauses and Exclusions – No Cover from Liability Insurance

CTP Claims & Contributory Negligence. Is a CARS Determination Binding on an Insurer

Construction Roundup

  • Did the combustible cladding on your building comply with the bca when it was constructed?
  • Paperless trials in the construction list – the way of the way of the future?

Employment Roundup

  • Failure to follow policies resulted in valid dismissal
  • Breaches of the Fair Work Act can be costly and over $1 million!

Workers Compensation Roundup

  • Employment benefits payable whilst in receipt of weekly compensation
  • Judicial Review – Admission of fresh evidence

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