May GD Newsletter

The Insurance Industry – A Storm Front Is Approaching
Labour Hirer Covered Under Its Liability Policy For Contractual
Liability To Host For Host’s Liability For Injuries To Employees On Hire
Litigation Funding For Class Actions – Reforms On The Way?
Allocation of Risk in Infrastructure Projects Involves Complex Considerations
The Absurdity of Two “Excess Insurance” Clauses & Dual Insurance
TPD Claims: A Helpful Recap
Can You Be Liable For Injuries To An independent Contractor?

Construction Roundup Question

The Twists And Turns Of A Payment Claim

Employment Roundup

WHS Obligations –Duties Where You Influence or Direct Work
Casual Employees

Workers Compensation Roundup

The Technicalities of “Artificial Aids” aid Workers in Avoiding s59A Restrictions
Highest Need Workers – Are You Entitled To Wages No Matter What?

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