May GD News 2016

Insurance Policies & Reasonable Precautions Conditions – the Court’s approach
Common Sense Doesn’t Equal Causation
Limitation of Actions – What You Ought To Know
MVA and Medical Negligence – Double Compensation?
No proof – You Lose – A Failure To Establish Breach Of Duty
Construction Law –“The Truth Is Rarely Pure And Never Simple”

Employment Roundup
New Baby But No Job – Parental Leave And Redundancy

NSW Workers Compensation Roundup
Sabanayagam revisited and overruled – will the Court of Appeal follow?
Section 67 – The Final Death Knell

CTP Roundup
Failure To Give Proper Reasons And Judicial Reviews
Can a claimant be compelled to attend an LTCS assessment?
The Importance Of Getting The Facts Right

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