June GD Newsletter

Insurance and General

Class Actions: Can the Plaintiff get Access to the Defendant’s Insurance Documents?

Roadmap for Reform of the Insurance Industry – 6 Months Delay

Litigation Funders Will Need an AFSL from 22 August 2020

Dual Insurance: Can Defence Costs be Included in the Claim for Equitable Contribution?

An Insurer Cannot Hedge its Bets When it Comes to Non-Disclosure

Virtual Meetings and Electronic Signatures During Covid-19 and Beyond

Construction Roundup

  • Can the Court Slice and Dice a Security of Payment Adjudication
  • Security of Payments: What Happens when Adjudicators go Beyond Their Statutory Powers?

Employment Roundup

  • Is this the End for Casual Employees
  • Sushi Operator no Hero as Record Fines Dished up by the Federal Court for Underpayment of Wages
  • Stand Down – What Entitlements do Employees Have

Workers Compensation Roundup

  • COVID-19 Update: Further Legislation and Impact on the NSW Workers Compensation Landscape
  • Interpretation of the Permanent Impairment Rating Scale (“PIRS”)

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