July GD Newsletter

Insurance and General

Insurance Cover for WHS Fines in NSW is Illegal from 10 June 2020

Builders, Engineers and Insurers May Be Smashed by Claims with NSW Legislation that Commenced on 10 June 2020

A new Registration Regime for NSW Certifiers from 1 July 2020 will Bring Challenges for Insurers as well as Certifiers

Owner/Builder Found Liable for Injury to Contractor

The War on Phoenixing

Expert Reports and the Expert Code of Conduct -Pitfalls

Construction Roundup

  • The New Residential Apartments Act – The Solution or More of a Problem?
  • Likely impact of COVID-19 on Supply of Materials and Labour for Construction Projects
  • The Never Ending Saga of the Requirements Under the Security of Payments Act

Employment Roundup

  • Wage Theft – Victoria Moves Against Defaulting Employers

Workers Compensation Roundup

  • Greater than 20% Impairment? Then section 39 does not apply to you.
  • NSW Workers Compensation Commission Goes Back to the Future
  • Employer Challenges in the Post Lockdown Environment
  • Aggregation to Determine Whole Person Impairment – Disease Injuries Revisited

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