July GD Newsletter


Shake Up For the Construction Industry in NSW

Who Owes a Duty of Care to a Security Guard Injured by a Criminal Third Party?

Why Not Obtain Documents From a Potential Defendant Before You Sue – Preliminary Discovery

Proper Interpretation of a “Spontaneous Combustion”

Exclusion Clause in an ISR Policy

Construction Roundup

  • The Lacrosse Tower Fire – Liability of Subcontractors and Consultants
  • The Freedom Of An Adjudicator To Commit An Error In Assessing Payment Entitlements

Employment Roundup

  • How To Properly Consult Before A Redundancy

Workers Compensation Roundup

  • Does a Notional Assessment of Damages Create an Estoppel?
  • Setting Aside an Election Between Lump Sum Compensation and Work Injury Damages
  • Section 48 Breaches and a Worker’s Reasonable Efforts

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