July GD News 2015

Insurer successful in a fraud claim involving fire
No liability for trip on box
A Deregistered company and claims against its insurer – Section 601AG Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)
Homeowners liability for actions of contractors
Claims for pure mental harm and the relevance of a sibling relationship – High Court

Employment Roundup
In NSW employees can accrue Annual Leave whilst receiving Weekly Compensation Payments
The tangled web of workplace affairs
Outsourcing & Transfer of Business Rules – The consequences for a host that employs a previous labour hire worker

Workers Compensation Roundup
Average Weekly Earnings are not an Average
Additional Claims for Lump Sum Compensation – Sections 66(1A) and 66A(3)
Another nail in the coffin of estoppel by agreement

CTP Roundup
Reckless activities and contributory negligence of children
Judicial Review of CARS Assessment – lack of adequate reasons

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