Gillis Delaney Lawyers has commenced a Class Action in the Supreme Court of New South Wales against Seqwater, SunWater and the State of Queensland on behalf of people and entities affected by flooding below Wivenhoe Dam in the Brisbane Floods of January 2011.

The Class Action commenced by Maurice Blackburn in 2014 now excludes claimants who suffered only pure economic loss.

  • A claim for pure economic loss is a claim for loss that is not a result of or connected to physical damage to property.

You may be a group member of this new Class Action and entitled to compensation if :

  • You owned land in January 2011 and suffered pure economic loss (eg. loss of property value) as a result of the floods, or
  • The use and enjoyment of land owned or occupied by you in January 2011 was interfered with because of flood waters on it or on land near to it, or
  • You conducted a business in an area downstream of Wivenhoe Dam and experienced pure economic loss,or
  • Your property was damaged in the floods and you spent money on repairs, or
  • Your property was damaged and your insurer paid for the repairs, and
  • You are not a member of the Maurice Blackburn Class Action.

 If you have suffered pure economic loss that claim can only be pursued in the Gillis Delaney Floods Class Action.  You are not eligible to be a member of the Gillis Delaney Floods Class Action if you are a member of the Maurice Blackburn Class Action.

We have partners of our firm who can discuss with you your potential damages claim and explain to you in detail:

  1. How a Class Action operates
  2. Who are the Plaintiffs in these proceedings
  3. The basis upon which the claim for compensation is based
  4. The types of damages that can be awarded in this Class Action
  5. How this Class Action is different to the Maurice Blackburn class action

To register your interest in the Gillis Delaney Floods Class Action complete the details in the form below or contact:

  •         Michael Gillis
  • Anthony Jefferies
  • David Collinge

on (02) 9394 1144


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