December GD Newsletter


Not Such a Good Result For Scenic Tours Class Action Commercial Transactions in the District Court? Problem Solved

NSW Court of Appeal confirms NCAT is not a Court of a State which can be invested with federal jurisdiction

Manufacturer of Ladder held Liable for Injury Caused by Defect

Insurance Conundrums – Multiple Claims & Multiple Retentions

Construction Roundup

  • Reforms to Tighten Up Building Certification
  • Progress of Reform To Security Of Payment in NSW
  • Enforcement of Security Of Payment Debts And The Effect Of Offsetting Claims

Employment Roundup

  • Overtime – How Much Is Reasonable?

Workers Compensation Roundup

  • Relevance of Symptoms in Disease Injury Claims
  • The Perils of Section 318 of the WIM Act
  • A Total Knee Replacement is an “Artificial Aid”

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