August GD News 2015

Personal Injury Claims and Road Authority Defences
A Bowling Club, an Assault and No Responsibility for Licensee
Residential Building Subcontractors Targeted in Legislative & Policy Changes
More About Road Authority Defences
Building Licence Applications -Tribunal Upsets Fair Trading’s Apple Cart
Life insurer defeats claim due to fraudulent misrepresentation

Employment Roundup
What is “reasonably practicable” under the WHS legislation in NSW

Workers Compensation Roundup
Reasonableness of a worker’s failure to continue employment in suitable duties
Apportionment in Permanent Impairment claims
Are Working Directors Entitled to Workers Compensation Benefits?
Permanent Impairment Assessments for Psychiatric Injury

CTP Roundup
Section 62 Further assessment and the meaning of “additional information” – Should Singh #2 be revisited?
The importance of adequate reasons and considering relevant evidence

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