August GD News 2013

Pursuing Claims Direct Against Insurers
Insurance for Fines for Offences under Work Health & Safety Legislation
Section 54 of the Insurance Contracts Act – A Conundrum
Slip & Falls – What is the Duty of Care Owed?
A Principal’s Duty to Employees of an Independent Contractors
Compensation to Relatives Claims Capped by Economic Loss Limitations
Drafting Offers of Compromise – The Court Of Appeal’s Final Word

Workers Compensation Roundup
Limitation Period Runs From Date of Accident for Work Injury Damages Claim
The Effect of the 2012 Amendments on Weekly Compensation Claims

CTP Roundup
Drive By Shooting – Is it A Motor Accident?
Due Enquiry & Search and Full & Satisfactory Explanations
Trail bike on a dirt road … Bumpy ride ahead

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