April GD Newsletter


No Baby Steps After The Royal Commission

Coming Soon – An AFSL to Manage Insurance Claims

Optus Liable for Wet Pit Lid

An Insurer’s Entitlement to Costs of Defending a Deregistered

Using Shareholder’s Rights To Take Control Of A Company Associated With A Bankrupt

Construction Roundup

  • Agent of undisclosed principal held personally liable for defective work
  • Divergent adjudication determinations face off

Employment Roundup

  • $330K In Penalties for Employer and Director For Failing To Pay Interns Who Were Really Employees
  • Worker? No; Employee? Yes. Superannuation?

Workers Compensation Roundup

  • WID Claims -The Effect of No Mediation Certificate
  • Annual Leave Accrual During Workers Compensation Absences
  • Settlements & Issue Estoppel in Workers Compensation Claims

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