April GD News 2016

A Supermarket’s Liability When Visitors Are Performing Promotional Activities
Negligent Homeowners – Pre-purchase report not a defects
Building Disputes – If you want to go to war, be prepared to pay for it
Payment Claims in the Building Industry. The whole truth, and nothing but the truth
CCTV footage in personal injury claims: accurate or flawed?

Employment Roundup
Does Termination Automatically Follow Disqualification?

NSW Workers Compensation Roundup
Battle of the Statutes – 151Z claim v CTP Insurer – Blameless accidents
NSW WCC – Late Documents and Notices for Production – New Rules
Changes to Guidelines for Permanent Impairment

CTP Roundup
Future Economic Loss – Buffer Or Not?
Difficulties Defending Nominal Defendant Claims
The Difficulty of Establishing Contributory Negligence By A Minor

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