December GD News 2012

Anti-Discrimination Laws
Product Supplier Liability
Apportionment of Liability between Occupiers & Property Managers
Section 42 CLA Defences – You Must Lead Evidence of Financial Resources
Causation – But For Test Alive and Well
Council Liability – Footpath Trips
Protecting Goodwill in Labour Hire Firms

Work Health & Safety Roundup

Workers Compensation Roundup
Work Injury Damages
Injuries at Parties at the Employer’s Premises

CTP Roundup
Late Claims and Section 81 Notices
New Schedule Of Rates

Liquidators Can Disclaim Tenants’ Interests

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November GD Post 2012

Employers and Loss of Servitium Claims
Duty of Care Owed by Homeowners
High Court Decision on Penalties
It can be Difficult to Overturn a Personal Injury Damages Award
Implied Term of Mutual Trust & Confidence in Employment Contracts
Breach of Internet Policy Justified Dismissal of Long Term Employee

Workers Compensation Roundup
Round One To WorkCover
Reasonable and Effective Medical Treatment

CTP Roundup
Blameless Accidents
CTP Case Notes

Mortgagee Loses Priority to the ATO

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October GD News 2012

NSW Workers Compensation
Fire Service Levies in Victoria
New Meaning of the Term Flood in Insurance
New Privacy Legislation
Legal Privilege for Assessor’s, Investigator’s & Adjustor’s Reports
Should You Call Your Expert to Give Evidence
Reinstatement of Injured Workers
Investigating Workers Compensation Claims – Adverse Action?

Workers Compensation Roundup
Psychological Injuries

CTP Roundup
Future Economic Loss Buffers – It’s Not That Simple For Assessors
Overturning A Finding Of Contributory Negligence

Warning to financiers – register PPS security interests – Carson and Hastie Group (No 3)

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September GD News 2012

Occupier Liable Where Architect Negligent
Liability Policies and Exclusion Clauses
Non Economic Loss Claims in NSW
Unnecessary Medical Treatment – Exemplary Damages Awarded
Dark Car Parks
Reinstatement Claims Available to Dismissed Injured Workers

OH&S Roundup

Workers Compensation Roundup
Update – Scheme Changes
Employer Not Always Liable For Accidents

CTP Roundup
$400,000 Buffer Not Over The Top
Overturning A CARS Assessment

Federal Court Applications to Set Aside Creditors’ Statutory Demands
Trustee’s Indemnity for Legal Costs

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August GD News 2012

Workers Compensation
Litigation Funding for Class Actions
Orders for Payment of Interim Damages
Negligence and Dangerous Recreational Activities
Council Liability – No Success for Slip on Seed Pod
Liability for Sub-Contractors Still Exists post Leighton v Fox
Insurance Claims and the Insolvency of an Insured
D&O Insurance James Hardie

Workers Compensation Roundup
2012/2013 NSW Workers Compensation Premiums
Last Gasp for Industrial Deafness Claims

CTP Roundup
Agony of the Moment Defence is Alive and Well
Extension of The Limitation Period

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July GD News 2012

NSW Workers Compensation Scheme Changes
Online Renewals – Will An Insurance Broker Be Liable For A Non Disclosure?
Work Accidents Involving Forklifts are Motor Accidents
Negligence Claims – Tricky Business
Personal Liability of Directors
Reinstatement Order for a Nurse Who Destroyed Patient Records

OH&S Roundup

CTP Roundup
Contributory Negligence of Pedestrians
Gratuitous Care & the Lifetime Support Scheme

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June GD News 2012

New Privacy Laws
Multi Party Work Accident Claims
KFC liable for Salmonella Poisoning
Damages, Damages and More Damages
Vehicles Used In Workplaces – Dual Insurance
Fatality Claims

Workers Compensation
Section 55 – Review of Weekly Payment
Overtime and Current Weekly Wage Rate
Workers Compensation Commission 2011 Annual Review
Recent Cost Decisions in the Workers Compensation Commission

CTP Roundup
Recent Procedural Decisions in the District Court – Full and Satisfactory

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May GD News 2012

Homeowner’s Liability to Visitors
Proportionate Liability – Did the Actions Cause the Loss
Deny an Insurance Claim – Serious Consequences
Limitation Periods – When is the Date of Discoverability?
Negligence and Causation
Council Liability for Dog Attacks
Implied Term of Mutual Trust and Confidence in Employment Contracts

What is Reasonably Practicable when it comes to Safety?

Workers Compensation
Sex during an Overnight Trip – Compensable Injury?
Seizure on a Coffee Break – Compensable?
When can you strike out a Pre-Filing Statement?

CTP Roundup
Due Inquiry and Search New Laws
Contributory Negligence

Lenders and Insolvency Practitioners Take Note: Equuscorp Pty Ltd V Haxton

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April GD News 2012

High Court Strong v Woolworths
Homeowner’s Duty to Visiting Contractors
Indicative Terms Can Mean a Contract of Insurance Is In Place
You Must Plead the Civil Liability Act Defences
Discrimination in Employment – Criminal Records
Adverse Action-Complaints of Bullying & Harassment
Tax Liability of Directors
Stamp Duty Charges Beware

Workers Compensation
Deemed Employment
Independent medical Examinations Back in Action
Secondary Injuries Revisited

CTP Roundup
Vehicles on Tracks – Is an Excavator a Motor Vehicle
Personal Responsibility – Crossing The Road

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March GD News 2012

Economic Loss and Pre-existing Disabilities
Challenging Workers Compensation Premium Determinations
Commencement of the Personal Property Securities Act
Fair Work Australia toughen up on Time Limits for Unfair Dismissal Applications

OH&S Roundup

Workers Compensation
Consequential Loss Claims
Skylarking Injury At Work Is Compensable

CTP Roundup
Buffers To Continue – The Court Of Appeal
MAS Reviews – Challenge For Lack Of Procedural Fairness
Blameless Accidents On Appeal

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